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It all started when I was four years old. My gramps found a wild foal abandoned ‘out west.’ He may have been a rugged cowboy, but baby animals were his soft spot. He brought her home to raise her. We named her Friday and she ended up becoming mine. Every little girl needs a pony right? Or a wild foal! The first picture is me on Friday with my gramps. Friday may not have been the most beautiful horse out there, with her big head and crooked blaze, and sometimes she was a little weird in her fascination and loyalty to standing beside the pump jack, but to me she was the world.

W5M Equine Therapy was established in 2009 on Vancouver Island. It was inspired by that love for horses that my gramps instilled in me at such a young age, and by the Metis teaching 'All My Relations.' All my relations means ensuring you are taking care of all of your relations, human and non-human. In truly living up to this teaching, I began apprenticing as an equine body worker while living on Vancouver Island. I apprenticed for five years with Alice White, an expert in Human and Equine Osteopathy before moving back to Alberta and becoming formally certified in the services I offer. 


Continuing education is extremely important to me. Every year I take courses that either dual or triple certify me in services I already offer, or I add to the modalities offered. My personal business standards mean I will not offer a certified service until I establish my own protocol on my own horses for a year before offering it to clients. Why is this important? As a client, you are paying for quality, well developed services.


I look forward to working with clients and their equine athletes to foster wellness and support their success!



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