Pulse Electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy

Pulse electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is the process in which cell metabolism is stimulated through the pulsating of magnetic energy. PEMF searches out unbalanced chemistry in the cellular activity and promotes normalization of the cellular health which in turn improves the health of the body. PEMF pulses energy through the body, effecting every cell, tissue, organ and even bone. The electrical and chemical functions are stimulated as the magnetic energy penetrates the body thus in turn supporting optimum cellular function.

Benefits of PEMF

increased blood flow

increased oxygen flow

increased waste reduction in cell

decreases inflammation

increased reflexation

promotes better sleep

stress reduction

blood pressure and cholesterol reduction

promotes cellular detoxification and regeneration

increases repair of bone by 1/3 to 1/5 time

balances immune system

relaxation of muscles


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